WWF’s Fish Forward project will be presented at the Milan EXPO 2015. Between 18th and 25th October, a very unique booth will introduce visitors to the fish world. They are going to discover how to contribute to maintain seafood a valuable natural source of food and income for future generations.

The EXPO’s main theme is “feeding the planet”, which is at the heart of WWF’s Fish Forward project. “Fish is the most traded commodity globally, 61% of fish stocks on the planet are fully fished and further 29% are overfished. EU is the biggest importer of seafood worldwide, sourcing half of its imports from developing countries. We can’t ignore being part of the problem. At the same time we should not forget that we as consumers have the power to be part of the solution, too”, says Sergi Tudela, fisheries expert with WWF Mediterranean.

For seven days, WWF welcomes visitors and introduces them to the topic of sustainable seafood. Staff provides information on a set of simple first steps they can take. International and Italian WWF experts will be present and available for media enquiries.