For WWF France, the 8th of June, World Oceans Day was dedicated to cooking. The French Fish Forward team decided to present to the consumer fish species that are less popular, to challenge some french habits. The main idea was to present new species and show that diversification can be part of the solution of stopping overfishing.

WWF France and l’Atelier des chefs co-organized a cooking lesson about horse mackerel, which was live showcased on our Facebook account and reached 36 000 persons. You can find the ingredients and the recipe here:

In the meantime, a video in partnership with Demotivateur Food around skipjack tuna was realized. Demotivateur Food is the French equivalent of the american Tasty. Their idea is to present easy recipes in short videos (20 seconds). The recipe : Serpentin au thon listao


Ingredients and recipe can be found here:

With Demotivateur Food, the French team reached about 20 million consumers.