FF2 meeting with woman representatives from aquaculture sector was promoted by Turkish WWF Team, in İzmir, at 5 of October 2019.

 7 participants attended from local authority of Ministry of Agriculture, academy who are working on quality and gender related topics, corporate sector, certification company, NGO -Mugla Fish Farmers Association and one expert who is working on gender equality. Also Tolga and Pelin (comms team) and Ebru from marine/wildlife team were present in Blue Panda too.

During the meeting the discussion got into details and was in the end, according to the organizer team, very positive and productive.

Women from different institutions who are working for fisheries/aquaculture sector attended the 3 hours meeting and discussed the situation regarding to rights, social and training needs of women employees in aquaculture sector. Also they discussed results of good practices in the sector and the legal aspects.

The main outcomes were some definition for priority needs of women in the aquaculture sector is occupational organization, a report on Cooperation and Women Cooperatives which was prepared by Ministry of Trade that can be a guideline for occupational organization and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services prepared a report on Situation of Women Cooperatives in Turkey.

The Ministry could be a part of the improvement activities of occupational organization, local Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Fisheries in İzmir established a project for women fishers.

During the “Women Hand in Fisheries Project”, training activities were held on aquaculture processing, packaging, fish vaccination and net repairing. Between 18-40 ages 126 women participants attended to the training. 92 of them got a certificate. It is a replicable project.