Making it easy to choose sustainable fish / Recipes of renowned European chefs

Around Easter, fish dishes are highly popular. But about 30 percent of marine fish stocks are overfished, further 60 percent are fished to biological limits. An Easter fish feast with good conscience is possible, though. With the right choice of fish, consumers contribute to the solution. The new WWF Online Seafood guides support your sustainable buying decision. Additionally, top European chefs serve the matching recipes.

“Nowadays, environmentally and socially sustainable fish can be bought at almost every supermarket or fish monger”, says WWF fishery expert Axel Hein. He recommends to choose local and organic fish such as carp, trout or char. Farmed fish or seafood with ASC seal are also a good choice. Marine fish is a popular choice, too. Hence, large amounts of fish have to be imported to meet demand. If you do not want to do without marine fish, watch out for the MSC label.

A sustainable fish menu contributes to the long-term conservation of fish stocks and thus supports the livelihoods of more than 800 million people, who directly or indirectly dependent on fishing.

The new Online Seafood Guides ( – optimized for mobile devices for easy use during shopping – provide orientation amongst fish and seafood species through the traffic light system. Renowned European chefs contribute their favorite recipes. ‘Infotaining’ stories about various species of fish are provided as well.

At Easter and throughout the whole year: “The Seafood Guides make it as easy as possible to choose sustainable fish. You can support the oceans and millions of people who depend on the precious marine resources for food and income,” says Hein.

Online Seafood Guide:

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