New Fish Forward Campaign: Fish gone, people gone

We are running out of fish. Millions of ocean dependent people suffer the consequences. That’s why we put them at the heart of our campaign.

Andrzej Jurczak

Marketing Coordinator, WWF Austria

Campaign Background

Worldwide, 33 percent of fish stocks are overfished with a further 60 percent at maximum capacity.

800 million people depend on fish for food and income. Most of them live in developing countries.

Europe is the biggest market and importer of fish and seafood in the world. More than half of Europe’s fish imports come from developing countries.

On 9th of July, the European Union runs out of domestic fish and depends on seafood imports for the rest of the year.

Each EU citizen consumes an average of 22.7 kg of fish a year.

Make a difference, buy sustainable fish!

Campaign Facts & Credits

Multi-channel implementation in 11 EU countries
Presenting ocean dependent people from across the globe
Calling on European consumers to support oceans and people by choosing sustainable fish
Created by Envision