WWF online seafood guides by the Fish Forward Project

The Fish Forward Project launched or re-launched the following online seafood guides:

Austria: fischratgeber.wwf.at

Bulgaria: riba.wwf.bg

Croatia: www.kojuribukupiti.org

Denmark: https://fiskeguiden.wwf.dk

France (part of Fish Forward 2015-2017): www.consoguidepoisson.fr

Greece: fishguide.wwf.gr

Germany (relaunched, different design): fischratgeber.wwf.de

Italy: pescesostenibile.wwf.it

Poland: ryby.wwf.pl

Portugal: guiapescado.wwf.pt

Romania (part of Fish Forward 2015-2017): ghidpeste.wwf.ro

Slovenia: www.kateroribokupiti.si

Spain (part of Fish Forward 2015-2017): guiadepescado.wwf.es

Tunisia: www.guideconsopoissons.tn

Turkey: www.balikrehberi.org

Belgium (bilingual, not part of the Fish Forward Project): www.fishguide.be


» read fascinating fish stories

» find tasty recipes by international chefs

» get clear & scientifically solid recommendations

» know all the hard facts on overfishing

» understand the interdependencies with developing countries

The new WWF online seafood guides encourage and empower consumers to make the right choice buying seafood.

The guides offer simple but attractive information about the country’s most common seafood products. Recipes and “fish stories” are showcasing WWF-recommended species, while a simple traffic light based system gives clear recommendations. The guides explain the interdependencies between the consumer’s choice and the livelihoods of millions of people in developing countries. No app-download is needed, the guides can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices as well.

global list of all WWF seafood guides