The Fish Forward Project 2018-2020

Fish Forward is a pan-European project raising awareness of social and environmental impacts of fish consumption

Our seas are overfished. But fish is a crucial source of food, nutrition and income for more than 800 million people [1] – mainly living in developing countries. [2] The EU is the biggest market and importer of seafood in the world, with more  consumption  of  seafood supplied  through products  imported  from  non-EU  countries  rather  than  through  EU catches or aquaculture production. [3] Hence, European consumers, corporates and authorities can make a global difference.

This is why WWF and EJF teamed-up with partners in Europe and the developing world – to drive the European market and global fisheries in a more sustainable direction. A responsible choice of seafood in Europe is a global driver for change.

17 Countries. 17 Partners. 1 Project.

The EU co-funded Fish Forward Project raises awareness of sustainable seafood consumption. Fish Forward aims to achieve behaviour change of consumers and corporates in Europe based on an increased awareness and knowledge of the implications of seafood consumption and sourcing on people and oceans in the developing countries, but also in Europe.

Overfishing, illegal fishing and climate change mostly affect people living in developing countries, where most of the fish we eat is coming from. Choosing and sourcing sustainable seafood benefit both people and nature around the globe.

Project Objectives:

By 2020, consumers and the corporate sector in Europe are taking responsibility by choosing sustainable seafood as active contributors to the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Authorities are promoting sustainable fisheries management and interlinkages with climate change and SDGs for better implementation of existing legal frameworks.

Producers and local authorities in 5 developing countries will be involved in stakeholder engagement processes and seafood sustainability assessments.


Project Partners:

WWF Austria (lead), ANP|WWF, Environmental Justice Foundation, WWF European Policy Office, WWF Mediterranean Program, WWF Adria (Croatia/ Slovenia), WWF Bulgaria, WWF Denmark, WWF Germany, WWF Greece, WWF Italy, WWF Poland, WWF United Kingdom, WWF India, WWF Philippines, WWF South Africa, and WWF Turkey;

Project duration:


Project Predecessor:

Fish Forward 1 (2015-2017): Fact sheet Fish Forward 2015-2017 (English)

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