Sustainable Seafood for Nature and People

An EU co-funded project for more ecological, social and economic sustainability in fish and seafood consumption – for the European Year for Development.

global interdependencies

Unsustainable fishing is endangering the livelihoods of millions of people, predominantly in developing countries.

Fish Forward Project 2018 - 2020

Sustainable Seafood for the Benefit of People, Oceans and Climate

global interdependencies

Sustainable fishing and sustainable fish farming have a positive effect on species and the environment.

sustainable seafood is good for …


habitats and species


Developing Countries & Europe


jobs and livelihoods

gender equality

the role of women and men


oceans suffer


Sustainable Development Goals

fishing methods

and marine life


your seafood guide

Current News

Good Friday: Guiltless fish pleasure with the Online Seafood Guides

Good Friday: Guiltless fish pleasure with the Online Seafood Guides

Around Easter, fish dishes are highly popular. But about 30 percent of marine fish stocks are overfished, further 60 percent are fished to biological limits. An Easter fish feast with good conscience is possible, though. With the right choice of fish, consumers contribute to the solution. The new WWF Online Seafood guides support your sustainable buying decision.

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