The “Oceanário de Lisboa”, Europe’s biggest aquarium, is hosting the amazing Fish Forward stand that already visited Milan and Barcelona. The stand raises awareness for Fish Forward messages among its visitors.

From 15th June to 31st July around 300.000 visitors have the opportunity to see the WWF’s unique whale installation in Lisbon and to get in contact with Fish Forward messages on sustainable consumption of fish and seafood. Visitors are interactively informed about the implications of their seafood choices on the food security and livelihoods of millions of people – especially in developing countries. The general recommendations to consumers according to the stand contents are diversity, size, origin and label.

The stand is supported by a photographic exhibition of Fish Forward messages and the “ugly” TV spot is showed on the whale’s screens to get the public’s attention.

The Fish Forward exhibition at the “Oceanário de Lisboa” is accompanied by several WWF media and PR activities.

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