A fascination with marine animals

The sea and its inhabitants are firmly anchored in all of our lives Whether from old novels such as Moby Dick or modern films like Free Willy, the world’s seas and their inhabitants are firmly anchored in our culture and have always captured our imagination and sense of adventure. For many, they are also the embodiment of freedom and their beaches the symbol for recreation and holiday. Also in religion, the fish has great significance as a symbol of Christianity. Healthy seas secure jobs in tourism 200 million jobs[1] worldwide are thanks to marine tourism – from beach holidays on the Mediterranean coast and diving holidays at the Red Sea in Egypt to whale watching in Patagonia or Costa Rica. Many of these jobs constitute a basic income for people who live in developing countries or small islands and can be one of the few sources of income for populations there. Jobs in tourism The basis of tourism are healthy seas and coasts, with intact ecosystems – sustainable fishing is contributing thereby to a responsible relationship with these valuable resources.
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